‘Mandela can make a bomb from a spoon’

this guy is one inspirational writer … pen on Khaya

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Twenty-three years ago when Nelson Mandela was released from 27 years of incarceration for fighting for his right to fight for the right to be a free man, I was too young to know what was happening. I knew that whatever it was that was happening was a significant event. Why it was I was not sure. What I knew of Mandela was what I’d heard from my cousin in the rural village just outside the no-horse town of Mount Ayliff, Dutyini, in the then “free” homeland Transkei. I believed the legendary MacGyver-esque stories they told me about this Mandela.

One of the stories that stick out in my mind is the one about how Mandela was able to make a bomb using a mere spoon at his disposal. He was so dangerous and heroic that they never gave him metal spoons in prison to eat with. Since they knew…

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